The importance of public insurance adjusters

Residential real estate owners faced with property damage or loss are faced with a multitude of complex hurdles when making a homeowners insurance claim. When confronted with these, most individuals don’t have the experience, knowledge and extensive time necessary to effectively bring a claim. Because people have insurance covering these losses, they want to maximize their recovery under the terms of their policy. The job of the insurance company’s adjuster is to save the insurer as much money as possible on a claim. It’s then and there that a conflict of interest might arise when one single adjuster attempts to represent the interests of both sides of a claim.

As opposed to the insurer’s adjuster, the public adjuster works solely for the insured person. When they’re acting on behalf of the insured person, the conflict of interest is eliminated.

Preparation of a claim is a painstaking, detailed and lengthy process. Even the typical claim involves policy amendments, multiple forms and sworn proof of loss that are detailed and complex. It’s highly unlikely that the insured person will be experienced and articulate in these claim requirements. These factors not only delay the claim, but they can also affect it adversely.

When representing an insured person on a claim, a company like Benchmark Public Adjusting Group will first assure that all time requirements in the insurance policy are fully complied with, while preserving any relevant and necessary evidence. Keeping in mind that the more accurately and comprehensively the claim is put together, the higher the likelihood there will be a prompt and equitable settlement of the claim.

Having a highly experienced and trained independent adjuster on the insured person’s side during this very difficult time and endeavor can be of great value to them. Their training and experience cannot be denied.

November 17, 2015

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Protect Your Home With a Public Insurance Adjuster

If your home is damaged by fire, vandals or severe weather, a public insurance adjuster can help you gain adequate compensation. He or she will help you communicate with the home insurance company and present your claim in an effective way. This ensures that you receive enough money to fully repair water, wind or fire damage.

Insurers hire adjusters that work for their employer’s benefit. They sometimes attempt to downplay the significance of the damage or assert that it isn’t actually covered by a policy. On the other hand, public adjusters compile evidence to support your claim and help you file it in a professional manner. They also have the expertise needed to accurately interpret policy terms.

Public adjusters can begin to assist disaster and fire victims immediately after the damage occurs. Companies like Benchmark PA dispatch them to the scene before the insurer’s staff arrives. This allows them to collect and supply thorough, precise information to the insurance company. Despite the difficult circumstances that disasters create, these professionals make the process as easy and fast as possible.

A public adjuster won’t only enable you to save time and produce comprehensive documentation of the damage. He or she can also aid you during settlement negotiations. If the insurer refuses to pay for repairs, this kind of adjuster will take steps to help you appeal an unjust decision. Public adjusters can identify any laws or policy terms that insurers have violated.

When a disaster occurs, it’s best to contact an adjuster of this type as soon as possible. These insurance experts normally don’t expect homeowners to pay any immediate fees. In fact, the service is typically free if an insurer insists on denying your claim. Public adjusters earn a living by collecting a nominal portion of the insurance payments that they negotiate.

November 17, 2015

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